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Carb Specific Recipe Pack (for IBS)

A well-balanced introduction plan to support individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


This program is based on the framework and “Legal/Illegal” list from Elaine Gottschall’s book “Breaking the vicious cycle: Intestinal health through diet”. This diet allows carbohydrate foods consisting of monosaccharides only and uses recipes made with “legal” ingredients.


This program is designed to help you achieve your recommended fiber intake and avoid common nutrient deficiencies in the Specific Carbohydrate diet such as Folate, Vitamins B6, C & A, Calcium and Potassium. The plan can be modified based on your unique response to foods.


gluten-free | grain-free | soy-free | sugar-free


Comes with a 7-day meal plan and grocery list

Carb Specific Recipe Pack (for IBS)

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