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Our mission is to transform the lives of men and women, especially between the ages of 40 to 65, who are searching for relief amid multiple co-occurring stressors - to re-balance, rediscover, rejuvenate and restore.  


Fill out our application and we'll arrange a chat within the next week! Meet our coach and together we will start the journey to optimal performance,  even when the demands of job stress, health stress, social stress and family stress converges and impedes cognitive function and sleep patterns that impacts a healthy lifestyle.   


This is a time when the demand is for us to be performing at our peak, so let’s not wait another day!


We have taken nutrition coaching online, and so broadened our client base increasing the possibility to serve individuals from all over the world!       


What does nutrition coaching entail?


Your nutrition coach will give you sound dietary advice, will assist you with practical, simple tools, and will teach you:

  • The basics of nutrition.

  • The importance of macro food groups.  

  • The effect of different foods and diets.

  • The pros and cons of diets and their impact on your health.

  • How to read and understand nutrition labels.


In addition, your coach will:

  • Assist you in reaching goals specific to your need.

  • Tailor design a program that works for you.

  • Be available to walk this journey with you and to consult when you need answers.

  • Support and motivate you when the journey is tough.  We don’t quit!

  • Be your accountability buddy and check in at your convenience to follow up on your progress, pitfalls and success!


We will not simply issue you with a 2-week meal plan and send you on your way.  Our dedicated coach is committed to teaching you how to take control of your own (and your family's) health, performance and good looks to boot! 


Your journey starts here. Make this Day One, instead of One Day.


Meet Esté.

She is a 49 years old and she’s lived an active life. From her teens to her late thirties she battled disordered eating and health challenges. Her pivotal moment was the realization that her health was deteriorating, prompting her to embark on a journey towards holistic wellness.

She’s now a certified life coach, focusing on helping middle aged individuals realize that life can be fulfilling through change. Her personal journey, marked by her experience with disordered eating, PCOS, fertility treatments, and emotional abuse, equips her with empathy and a deep understanding of her clients.

Her coaching approach is client driven, allowing clients to set the pace and select the tools that work best for them. Her main focus is on raising awareness of how the body responds to different inputs, leading to better choices, sustainable habits, and overall well being.


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