With the onset of 2020 came a new awareness. Not just awareness of health and fitness, but awareness of the impact of nutrition on our physical, mental and immune health as well. We have become aware of our vulnerability and susceptibility to disease and the fact that we are not, after all, indestructible. 


The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our world, our perceptions and our way of socializing. For this reason, we have taken nutrition coaching online. In the process we have broadened our client base and can now serve individuals from all over the world! But first, what does nutrition coaching entail?


Your nutrition coach will not only give you sound dietary advice, but will assist you with the practical application too. Your nutrition coach will teach you:

The basics of nutrition

The importance of certain food groups

The effect of certain foods and diets 

The pro's and cons of diets and their impact on your health

How to read and understand nutrition labels


Your coach will:

Assist you in reaching your specific goals

Help you to find what works for you

Be available to answer your questions 

Support and motivate you on your journey

Be your accountability buddy and check in at your convenience to follow up on your progress, pit falls and success!


In other words, instead of issuing you with a 2 week meal plan and sending you on your way, we are dedicated to teaching you how to take control of your own (and your family's) health, performance and good looks! 


Your journey starts here. Make this Day One, instead of One Day.


Hi! I'm Esther, your not so average middle aged mom of twin daughters. By now you would have guessed that I am passionate about nutrition. I am also an enthusiastic crossfitter!


Why am I here? I have walked my own path from being a teenager with an eating disorder, to being diagnosed with PCOS, with insulin resistance, to fertility and hormone treatment and of course, the accompanying  struggle with bodyweight. On this journey I learnt the value of nutrition and how, by making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can transform into a happy, healthy and fit human being!


I would love to teach you how to transform your health, body composition and performance and be the best version of yourself. I would love to accompany you on your journey!